Dream come true

When I was young I wanted to travel. And I traveled a lot: Russia (Half of my family is from Russia because my dad is from Russia but I speak English), Spain, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Austria, England, Slovenia

But my first state where I wanted to go was Italy. YEA, I know I traveled around the EUROPE but my dream started, when  I saw photos of Italy. Italy. I don’t know how to describe how I felt when I saw photos of Italy. I know, probably you think that Italy is a normal state, but I wanted to go to the Italy. Why? I don’t know. I only feel it. It’s feeling that you can’t describe.

Last Sunday morning I waked up, with thoughts that it will be a normal day but I wasn’t. When was 5:24 P.M. I came from school home. When I said to my mom: “Hi mom!” She said: “You are going to Italy with your class!”

I didn’t know what to say. I was confused, happy, surprised and I could not believe it!

I was in Italy with my class! We went to Venice and other beautiful cities.

My dream come true. So YA, I was in Italy, Russia, Spain, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Austria, England, Slovenia

19th of June 2017 to 23rd of  June 2017 are the days when my dream come true.

So, If you want you can do it and if you have a dream, never give up and go after him.

-Simply my life. XOXO





I wanted to do my own blog so I did it.

First thing – Do you understand the name of this blog? If you understand, write a comment what it means. And by the way, it does not have two meanings, I am only asking if you understand the name because the name is a bit confusing.  This blog is going to be anonymous so you canť know who I am. I will post photos and posts (obviously). If you need me, write me an email and I will answer.

I hope that you will like this blog- my photos, posts, and something else.

-Simply my life. XOXO